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Domestic Pumps

CHL/CHLF Horizontal Multistage Pumps
Horizontal multistage non-self-priming centrifugal pump, attached with long shaft electric motor.
Compact structure renders small size of pump; axial inlet and radial outlet.
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MS/MSS Light Stainless Steel Horizontal Single-stage Centrifugal Pump
  • Structure features
  • MS/MSS series of pump is single-stage centrifugal pump and features axial suction and radial discharge;
  • Compact structure, The pump is directly connected with the motor, coaxial installation;
  • Convenient installation, screw thread water inlet and outlet;
  • Light weight, thin plate pressing structure for main parts and components;
  • Corrosion resistance, components passing the flow use AIS1 304 or AISI 316 stainless steel
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SWB Stainless Steel Horizontal Single-stage Centrifugal Pump
Applied to pumping such liquid which is clean, no solids or frictional matter, low viscous, noncorrosive,
noncrystallizable, chemically neutral and close to water.
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ZS Stainless Steel Horizontal Single-stage Centrifugal Pump
ZS Stainless steel horizontal single-stage centrifugal pump is made by advanced techniques such as pressing bulging yielding of corrosion resistant plate. It is a new generation centrifugal putnp initiated in China and may replace traditional IS pump and common corrosion proof pump. It features beautiful appearance, light and handy structure, high efficiency and energy saying, durable, corrosion proof, low noise, etc.
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G Series
Main Function Parameter:
  • Single-head maximum flow: 1800L/H
  • Highest pump discharge head: 12bar
  • Adjustment Ratio 10:1,Steady precision ±2%
  • Suction head: Max 3mtrs water
  • Maximum inlet pressure: 2bar
  • The highest temperature of the material: 40°C
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The YK system has the following characterics. Supplying water stably, simple structure, convenient to install, easy to use. It has the water-shortage protection and motor overload protection. It is good for homely usage. When turn on the tap, the system works, when tap is off, it stops. It saves much operation cost.
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Industrial Pumps

CDL/CDLF Vertical Multistage Pumps
CDL / CDLF is a kind of vertical non-self priming multistage centrifugal pump, which is driven by a standard electric motor. The motor output shaft directly connects with the pump shaft through a coupling. The pressure-resistant cylinder and flow passage components are fixed between pump head and inlet &outlet section with stay bolts. The inlet and outlet are located at the pump bottom at the same plane. This kind of pump can be equipped with an intelligent protector to effectively prevent it from dry-running, out-of-phase and overload.
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QY Stainless Steel Self-priming Gas-liquid Mixing Pump
  • QY and QYL designed for also and low viscosity liquid, or liquid containing extra-fine foreign matters.
  • QYB and QYLB designed for clear and low viscosity liquid, or explosive flammable liquid which containing very little solids.
  • Liquid Temperature:-15°C-120°C Maximum ambient temperature: +40°C
  • Gas-liquid ratio 1:9 (gas suction volume 8 — 10%)
  • Inlet:horizontal, Outlet:Vertical
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DRL Variable speed PID Controlled Booster Equipment
This variable speed PID controlled booster system is a sophisticated system, composed of latest technology PID variable speed control cabinet and more than two sets of parallel pumps. It can be automatically adjusted to fulfill the requirement of constant pressure, variable flow water supply. The pressure of the water supply pipe network keeps constant, and the whole water supply system always keeps the best state of high efficiency and energy saving. There are two types of water supply, one is by frequency conversion, the other is by pressure. Water supply by frequency conversion can automatically adjust the rotating speed of one pump or start/stop pumps, which is the best way to keep the pipelines constant pressure, easy to operate.
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NISO End Suction Centrifugal Pump
  • Non-self-priming, single stage, single suction, horizontal, axial suction and radical discharge, pump body is fixed by base
  • Use bearing cradle. which can orientate bearing, prevent from radical vibration, improve the rigidity of ro-tary part.
  • Compacted shaft, use deep grove grease lubricated roller bearing.
  • Connect pump and motor with semi-flexible coupling
  • Use standard wearable mechanical seal
  • TEFC motor, size complies to IEC standard, installation type B3
  • The dimensions is confortn to ISO 2858
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NSC Series
NSC Pump series
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Single stage, horizontal volute casing pump with feet below and single entry radial impeller, end suction type. Depending on operating conditions hydraulic balance provided by front or wear rings and balance holes. Full compliance with the latest edition of API 610, heavy duty fan cooled bearing housing, heavy duty and non-grout baseplates for PAU and offshore application.
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TSY Series
TSY Series API610 BB1 Pumps
High Temperature and Pressure Process Pumps that Meet or Exceed API610 and ISO 13709 10th Edition Safety, stability, and versatility are the key words for Seoca double suction API610 BB1 pump.

Safety and Reliability
We provide engineered solutions with true conformance to the latest API specifications. The result is a safe and rugged API process pump designed for a 2C Years lie.
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Vertical Turbine Pumps
The 4 different model vertical turbine pumps have one thing in common the hydraulic design of the pump bowl assembly. Using a new techniques in turbine pump design. It covers a wide range of hydraulic conditions to meet virtually every pumping service with optimum efficiency. CNP flexibility of design allows the use of a wide range of material and design features to meet the custom requirements of user. No matter what the requirements, whether low first cost, ease of maintenance, optimum efficiency. Tough service conditions, CNP can make the pump to best satisfy the requirements.
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Fire Fighting Pumps

Fire Fighting Pump
End suction fire pump is the perfect solution for small capacity fire applications. Back pull-out design end suction fire pump, allows the complete rotating element to be removed for servicing without disconnecting pipe work. If a spacer coupling is fitted then driver does not have to be moved too.Simplicity of design ensures long efficient unit life, reduced maintenance costs and minimum power consumption.
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Sewerage Pumps

SP Self-priming Solids Handling Pumps
SP Non-clogging self-priming sewage pump is our latest developed product, and is suitable for the treatment project of municipal sewage and industrial sewage as well as stage treatment and concentrated treatment system of various sewages. It's known as "King of Self-priming Sewage Pump" and it is the most ideal new-generation sewage product.

  • Stable performance, reliable operation.
  • Rapid self-priming, high suction head.
  • Back-pull-out construction: Convenient for maintenance and troubleshooting. Daily maintenance can be performed rapidly by common tools, saving time and labor.
  • Semi-open impeller structure and non-clogging design: Strong passing capacity. Diameter of maximum passing grain for SP-6 is 76mm.
  • Convenient usage: The pump can be mounted near cesspit with only the suction pipe down in the liquid. (The pump shall be filled with water for first start).
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TD Pumps
The type TD pumps are single stage in-line centrifugal pumps, equipped with standard motor and mechanical seal. Comparing with other pumps in similar structure, these pumps are less accessible to the impurity in the liquid.

The pump is designed to be pulled out from the top when disassemble.It can be repaired without affecting the pipelines.

The mechanical seal for TD200 and above is cartridge mechanical seal. Motor needn't to be disassem-bled when replace mechanical seal.
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Submersible Pumps

SJ Stainless Steel Multistage Deep-well Submersible Pump
SJ Stainless steel submersible borehole pump
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QF Stainless Steel Pump
All stainless steel, rusty proof, corrosion resisting; N Series stainless steel structure, light weight, easy operation, motor pump in a whole, dual mechanical seal, used axial flow big flow rate impeller, high efficiency.

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